Chanukah day, the candles are lit,
Every Jews? heart quickens a bit.

Ancient scenes on our hearts arise,
Nations that passed, ancient, and of great size.

Suffering in Egypt, the empire that was Greek,
Yet no ruler could cause us to be weak.

We carried our Torah from place to place,
From it we drew innocence and faith.

In the desert we wandered hungry, and poor,
But G-d was with us, we weren?t alone anymore.

And we, descendants to fathers that to the darkness brought light,
Will not give up. We?ll continue to fight.

These candles will encourage us to say,
Don?t fear Israel, another vision for a holiday.

Written by Hanna Senesh, 1933.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 23 Tishrai 5766 (2005).

Found in Hebrew in the book:  Hanna Senesh ?Diaries, Songs, Testimonies? published by the United Kibbutz, page 232.

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