Cursed Who Says Here: Tear ...

Cursed who says here: tear!
Cursed as bitter as Mount Eival ?
Cursed, and will be cursed for many a year
Worshipers of a golden calf in Gilgal.

For your wound has not been dressed still,
The cries of its blood float over the river?s tide;
For not yet have you ascended up the hill,
You have handed over the Jordan?s left side.

Indeed yours is every hill and valley,
From the peak of Mount Hermon until Eilat;
From Dan until Einot Be?er Sheva,
From Goshen, Sinai, until Chamat.

Zion! To you I have sworn, G-d, hear,
With a sword drunk with blood.
That to you all the land shall cheer:
Kingdom-of?house-of-David and avenge our blood.

Avenge us on Philistia and Edom,
Payment for the people of the cities;
Shaken and riotous is every home,
Lion-cubs will appear without pity.

From the sword?s blade they flee to the sand,
An army already cheers: kingship!
I have sworn: all of you is mine, homeland,
Or we will die on your altar?s tip.

Written by Moshe Steiner, Tel-Aviv, 5697 (1937).
Translated by Shifra Shomron, Caravilla site-Nitzan, 30 Av 5765
(September 2005).

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