Grains of Sand offers clarity and voice to the albeit silenced perspective of those displaced from their homes and lives in Gush Katif. Through the eyes of teenager, Shifra Shomron fleshes out the realities of those caught amidst hope and despair struggling for peace, identity, and community within the chaotic terror created by eventual disengagement and evacuation. Echoing the angst inherent in loss, this story is a must read for anyone who has experienced broken promises. Ms. Shomron provides a single, yet telling perspective that enlivens integrity and hope in us all. A wonderful read, particularly from the forgotten perspective of the young!

Leanne Olson, Ph.D.
                          Associate Professor of Psychology
                          Chair, Institutional Review Board
                          Wisconsin Lutheran College
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Grains Of Sand: The Fall Of Neve Dekalim
by Shifra Shomron
Mazo Publishers  ? 2007, ISBN 978-965-7344-19-4