Like the stars...

And I shall multiply your seed like the stars of the sky"
(Genesis 26:4)

Like the stars of the sky the seed? of my foes.
And my seed is like dust? to their feet.
Like swine, the corpses of my daughters (who were pretty as does)
They've devoured in their unholy diet of meat.

In the excrement of their curses they've abused
My holy Torah scrolls given from the L-ord.
They've disconnected embryos which were in the womb fused,
Sliced them with their hard sword.

And you, G-d, like the idols we disdain:
You have ears and will not hear;
You have eyes ? but won't see our pain;
You have a mouth ? to speak do you fear.

Why the silence, great and terrible G-d?  Do you fear
That uncircumcised goys will your peiot cut?
And will curse you, holy G-d?  A leper will jeer
In the holy of Israel like a slut?

And you will wallow, bareheaded, in the trash lands
And will lick the muck of the goy?
And will weep: "My sons' blood from your hands
I won't demand, but give me a ransom fee for my joy?"

Shake yourself from dust, wear strength, helpless,
Lonely G-d that in exile does lie.
Go fight for freedom in the ranks of soldiers who are nameless
To win with them or die.

Written by 'Yair'.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 14 ? 15 Tamuz 5765 (July 2005).

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