The expanse of sky and the breeze of sea

Have stirred my soul, burned the blood in me.

The expanse of sky and the breeze of sea

Made me a free man ? cheated me.

I spread the wings of my hands to the sea,

To the heart of the sky I held my head high.

The jail, hanging room, me standing alone
Prisoners and walls ? disappeared and were gone.

But an officer shouts from behind quick as a flash

And the cry "return" fell on my ear like a whiplash.

The light of sky has darkened, ceased has the breeze of sea;

A human herd arrives at the jail's gate close to me.

The soul is stirred, and the blood still burns in me.

* Puscha = yard time given to prisoners.

Written by 'Yair'.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 29 ? 30 Sivan 5765 (July 2005).

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