The field is the shul...

The field is the Shul.
The prayer ? Zion?s kingdom remade.
In my left a Lulav-rifle does rule.
In my right an Etrog-grenade.

The Master of war ? is my L-ord.
I will pray to Him during the battle and won?t be mute.
The rifles like a chorus roared.
The canons ? sounded sweet as a flute.

From my foes? bodies (they aren?t a trifle)
A victory alter to Him I will build.
In my right ? a Lulav-rifle.
And my left, by an Etrog-grenade, is filled.

Written by ?Yair?, Tevet 5694 (1934).
Translated by Shifra Shomron, Nitzan Caravilla site, 7 Tishrei 5766 (October 2005).

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