The Song of Rebellion

Sing, brothers, rebellion?s song,
The freedom song of Ben-Yosef.
The pain is large as a burning fire.
A revengeful urge kindles in heart.

There once was a homeland hero,
Lofty and wonderful ? it is sung.
He always wore a bright smile, and so,
Smiling, he dreamed, fought and was hung.

The mother shall sit and cry, grieving
For a precious son, a pleasant son,
My Betar, sanctified in suffering,
Eternal sanctification from Ben-Yosef?s blood you?ve won.

Iron ? the hand, determined ? the brow
An oath of vengeance ? receive, Sha-dai,
But, Ben-Yosef, the murder victim now,
Carry with you the blessing of Tel-Chai.

Written by Shlomo Skultzki, Puchaiv, 1938.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, Caravilla site ? Nitzan, 3 Elul 2005 (September 2005).

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