They Shall Not Break Us

They shall not break us
Nor shall we bend our back,
As long as this spirit is in us
And as long as this command doesn't slack.

This generation was chosen and shan't fail
Because in Zion's furnace it was fused.
Indeed we knew: the path of jail
Is no longer the last path used.


Despite every hinderer and foe
To tomorrow we will boldly go.
They shall not break us
Nor shall we bend our back.

Homeland-mother is in a faraway place
Dripping blood, struggling with zeal.
Mother, your suffering we will place
Upon our hearts like a seal.

In this place do we tread
Because the desert is closed upon us still.
But a step like this, it is said,
Is like a step up the hill


It is a long journey to the shore
More than one will fall dead.
But we will forever more
Proudly raise our head,

When a generation went to Babylon, before long
Their fiddle they hung upon a  tree.
We will sound the song
On exile's land wherever we'll be.

Written by David Niv
Translated by Shifra Shomron 3 Av 5765 (August 2005).

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