To Our Sisters in Line

Mother of death you are, mother of life and light.
You are love and you are hate.
In battle day, in darkened night
With us you share a dangerous fate.

Enemy overcame ? your sword overcame,
Yehudit, Yael, Sarah you are.
Uselessly hangman's hand tried to lame,
In her bullet her secret shot far.

Chaya be wise like N.I.L.I.'s daughter,
Fight and die a brave death
A villain sabotaged ? your foes slaughter
Like Holofernesh and Sisra.

Begging, tears ? will not see light,
In your revenge is comfort nursed.
Blessed is fury, like sword foe fight,
And mercy is cursed.

Mother to death and mother to life and light
For a jealous G-d together we are but a pawn.
Go in peace on battle night,
When from scabbard his sword will be drawn.

Written by 'Yair' on Sarah Aaronson's 15th Memorial Day.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 21 Sivan 5765 (June 2005).

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