To R.

In summer ? from the heat our bones burn all day.
In winter ? from the chill our blood stills like a boulder.
Always, on every inch and step, our way
The dark wings of danger breathe over our shoulder:

In the cellar, from the heat of the sun
Shirt sticks to back and sweat trickles in drips,
Palm steadies holt of gun,
Freezes convulsively and curved are the lips;

In pouring rain, in alleys dirty and fusty,
When cold of hands crusts inflations ? a sight,
Mazceret-Moshe drowses off musty,
And we are awake in the streets till midnight;

We will sleep drafted on a filthy floor.  For fuel
We will eat an olive and bread dry and hard;
We will guard day and night a barn and a Shul,
Hidden gold, booth out in the yard.

We'll be gone when clouds pass and the sun is in sight
And also the enemy will lie low,
Ready to risk our lives like last night,
Once more, for our brothers, to strike a blow.

Written by 'Yair', Nissan 5694 (1934).
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 20 Sivan 5765 (June 2005).

"To R." probably means to Raziel?
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