To the "Gangs of Crazies"
"A Jewish soldier prays with a rifle"?

Uri Tzvi  Greenberg)

Struck by the craze of kingdom, freedom fighters in our homeland,
King of hosts, sanctifying hate, vehicle of flame that does shine ?
To you in Ishmael's furnace, in the fading hope of leaf falling to sand,
With a rifle will we pray, with a machine gun, with a mine:

"G-d, wash the filth of their adultress tongue in our blood:
The redeemer of Jewish blood ? a delinquet, and he who rebells ? a crazed man!"
To the fight, zealots!  Again to Rome turns the brother of Yosef man of Yodefet giving our blood,
And every back to the dagger of the foe, every neck ? to the hangman.

Sky above ? exile and the land below ? Peleshet.
A big sea behind.  Ahead ? the desert.  We won't fear.
Let us go up at once and possess it.  We were born to possess it
Forever: the land, the sea ? from the sea of reeds until Perat which isn't so near.

Fertile bravery of Israel to arid stranger in our state,
- To the crusher of gentile heads, engulfing the Massiach in fire that does shine ?
- To you in the lion's den, in the furnace of burning hate
With a rifle will we pray, with a machine gun, with a mine.

Written by 'Yair'.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 29 Sivan 5765 (July 2005).

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