Upon Barricades

Little Sarah, today
We will meet as I leave to the fray,
The state to create
On both Jordan banks.

Your braid ? cut
And your belt ? buckle shut;
Hug me, take a gun
And to the line we will run.


Upon barricades we will meet, we will meet
Upon barricades we will raise freedom with blood, flame and heat
Rifle to rifle, barrel will salute,
Bullet to bullet will not be mute;
Upon barricades, upon barricades we will meet.

And if in a hanging ?celebration?
I will give my life to my nation,
Please, do not shed a tear
Thus fate decided, I fear.

From your tears part,
Press the gun to your heart
And choose a replacement
From the men of my regiment.


Written by I.Z.L fighter, Michael Eshbal (Mike), Jerusalem prison, 1946.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, Caravilla site ? Nitzan, 23 Av 5765 (August 2005).

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