Whispering Embers

And it hurts so much, homeland, to be a prisoner in you
And to know: over there, brothers sing in battle,
Train tracks smash, a proud fortress crumbles too?
It's so sad now, homeland, to be a prisoner in you.

There brothers delve a path for the Messiah with their chest,
And a layer in building the exalted Temple ? is every body that falls in battle.
For the kingship they pour a crown from pure gold ? their blood is best.
Here the jail, there they pave for the Messiah with their chest.

My hands don't stroke a machine gun, my back ? from carrying a bomb does no longer tire.
No trembling joy in avenging hand, no tears of mother for the son home from battle?
Thus years fade in jail.  Another one.  Six have sunk in this quagmire.
Thus whisper burning embers, longing for the tongue of fire.

Author unknown.  Published in the writings of the F.F.I.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, 19 Tamuz 5765 (July 2005).

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