Yes, so am I a soldier and a poet...

A musician and a brave soldier and a man of war...(Samuel 1, 16:18)
I am the armour-bearer of the king Anialious;
a loved treasure the muses gave me: I knew to play. (Archilochus)

Yes, so am I a soldier and a poet!
Today I?ll write with a pen ? tomorrow I?ll write with a sword;
Today I?ll write with ink ? tomorrow I?ll write with blood and will hack;
Today ? on paper, tomorrow ? on a man?s back;
Heaven gave a book and a sword.
Fate decided: a soldier and a poet.

Awesome glory and lofty is a poet?s song:
With black firebrand ? stanzas, with white blade ? sword does spring,
With gold flame ? fire, with crimson ? the blood does run,
With blue ? stars a man?s vision is spun,
That tomorrow for his freedom will fight ? and evening
Of battle in the camp is a poet?s song.

Cruel and bitter is the last battle though we fight like a lion,
On the edge of an iron desert, whose skies are lead!
Pain pierces heart like enemy?s sword,
Falls robbed soldier hungry for bread-of-freedom from the L-ord,
And in cold valley of despair bleeds and falls dead:
Kingdom of Ishmael in Zion!

First and Last, hear the voice of your lion!
Spread skies of gold on desert lead,
Tear confinement of slavery, bathe in enemy?s blood from a wound you did carve
And bread-of-freedom slice to all who starve.
Put crown of kingship on the dark city?s head,
Master of Jerusalem and Zion!

Written by ?Yair?, Pirntze, 7th of Tamuz, 5694.
Translated by Shifra Shomron, Caravilla ? Nitzan, 17th of Av, 5765 (August 2005).
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